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Consistent Conservative

Defending House District 47

Mike Shaw knows how important it is to continuously build on community strengths, emphasize the good in our neighborhoods, and consistently work with citizens and local leaders to improve the quality of life for everyone living in District 47. 

Through Mike's work on the City Council, our area has seen tremendous growth, investment in education, infrastructure improvements, and industry recruitment. Now, Mike is committed to going to Montgomery to serve the people of Hoover and Vestavia Hills in the State Legislature.

Mike is a committed conservative and is dedicated to fighting for our school children, our small businesses, and our community as a whole. Mike will always serve honestly and do so with a mindset of "What is best for District 47" at the forefront of any decision made.

Election Day is November 8th! Be sure to make your voice heard, and feel free to reach out to Mike along the way!


Mike's Commitment to our District:

Mike is there when we need him.

Our elected leaders should always be accessible to those whom they serve. That's why Mike Shaw will always have an open door policy at the State House, as well as an open phone line when citizens want to share their thoughts, views, and opinions on the issues. Mike will work to ensure every voice is heard, and every decision made is done so transparently with input from those in District 47.

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On the Issues:

See where Mike Shaw stands on the important issues facing our district and State

Supporting District 47 Families

Mike will work to ensure families in Vestavia Hills and Hoover are safe, their children receive a high-quality education, and that their voices are heard at every level of government on any issue.

Fighting for District 47's Fair Share

Citizens in District 47 deserve to reap the reward of a booming economy and thriving area. Mike will fight to ensure our tax dollars are used to further grow and keep up with the demand that growth brings.

Cutting back on wasted spending

Mike knows how hard we work to earn each dollar we have. That's why Mike will use his financial background to cut wasteful spending and redirect that back to taxpayers by means of fiscal responsibility.

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Get to know Mike Shaw

District 47 is Mike's home. He'll defend it tooth and nail.

Mike Shaw is a 22-year resident of Hoover and a 40+ year resident of the surrounding area. He graduated from Vestavia Hills High School in 1990 and received a BA in Public Administration from Auburn University in 1995.  Soon after graduating college, he married his high school sweetheart, Shelley.

In 2001 Mike and Shelley moved with their 2-year-old daughter, Melodi, to start a family life in Hoover.  In 2004 they were blessed with the addition of a son named Canon who is now a senior at Spain Park High School.  Melodi is a graduate of Spain Park High School, and after graduating from Auburn University lives in Japan as an English teacher. 

Mike and his family are members of Shades Mountain Baptist Church, where he is active in the music ministry.

Mike's career in Information Technology spans over 27 years, and he has served for the last 17 years as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)  of Mutual Savings Credit Union.  He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, a certification he's held since 2002.  He is a member of the Hoover City Schools RC3 Technology Advisory Committee, the Tech Birmingham board of directors, and is a former longtime member of the Birmingham Infragard Board of Directors.  Mike also started the Hoover Technology Round Table--a community of technology companies and professionals in the city.

Mike is also a co-founder of Destination Hoover International, a 501c3 non-profit that fosters cultural outreach and international exchange.

Throughout his life, he has been involved in music.  He has released four albums of original songs, and his work has won awards such as the Billboard Songwriting Contest, ISC, and KCCM song of the year.

In 2016, the people of Hoover elected Mike Shaw to City Council with 67% of the vote.  He was re-elected in 2020 with 77%.  There, he serves as the Council appointment to Planning and Zoning, Annexation chair, the Chairman of the Technology and Telecom Committee, and the Liaison to the Municipal Court.

About Mike
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